Friday, August 17, 2012

Bed side Caddy for loft beds

Loft and bunk beds have been very popular due to the their space saving qualities - in the case of loft they offer a way to have more storage or a desk in a small bedroom, while bunk beds offer extra bedding. Last year I purchased a loft bed for my room, it has a cupboard, shelving and a desk. One thing that I did not consider however, was where was I going to put things like my mobile, TV remote or other personal effects now that I could no longer reach my bedside chest of drawers?

I decided to make myself a bed caddy - I searched for tutorials to suit my bed but found none, so invented my own. Most bed caddies seem to be tucked under the mattress but since loft and bunk beds have rails, tucking it under the mattress wasn't much use to me.

I simply took a bright red pillow case, folded it in half and pinned where I wanted the pockets to me. I made them slightly different sizes so I could fit my mobile, tv remote, a small paper back and a "bits n pieces" pocket. I sewed the lines vertically from the fold. I also cut four pieces of binding tape I had lying around, I did not use specific measurements but rather placed the binding over the rail where I wanted it to sit and then guestimated the length needed. I attached each strap to the back of each pocket, and placed velcro on the front pieces, matching the velcro to the front of the pillow case. Having four straps allows the weight to be distributed evenly - I make sure I only place things in the outer pockets that will fit without me having to pull off the straps - the other two pockets can have their straps pulled off without it affecting anything. As you can see in the below picture, one of the straps has been detached from it's velcro but the other three straps take the weight.

This is a picture of a bed that is the same model as mine and I have drawn in where I placed my bed caddy. My bed was a bit messy which is why there are erased bits, but the red and blue bit is where the caddy sits.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this and stay tuned for my next post :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cardi care

This is my comfy cardi. The warm one for wearing around the house. I have had this for years.

It's starting to look well worn with pilling.
It's time to do something about it.

You can get yourself one of these things. They have multiple names.
Usually a depiller or pill remover

Or you can just grab one of these from your bathroom cupboard.

Whichever you choose to use, you will need to have the garment on a flat hard surface.
Make sure you hold the fabric of the garment at the same time so the fabric doesn't move.
Work in small areas.

This will take quite a while if your cardi is as bad as mine but, you will be able to make it look decent once more