Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lets loose some stash weight for Christmas.

It happens to us crafty people all the time, we have excess materials from our last project, that go in our stash and the chance those materials will suit the next project is so small, that these excess materials may not see the light of day for months (or even years). Real effort needs to go into losing stash weight.
As I look in what has become my craft corner I often feel a little bit of shame, evidence that a crafty person lives here is clear, but its starting to look like that crafty person may be hoarding supplies. Glancing over the stack of organised chaos I see 2 skeins of earth friendly fair trade yarn, I try and think - what on earth was I going to make with that.
I know I’ve done it several times, buying materials or ingredients for projects but never finding the time to make them up. Or even worse, forgetting that I had already had one or two of the materials at home and buying them again.
So I challenge you to join me. Take a look in your stash and lets loose some stash weight in the name of Christmas. Perhaps a Christmas Decorations, stocking fillers or even a present.
Lets see if collectively we can make a bunch of things from our stash, cutting our costs and easing the dreaded Christmas crafting rush.

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  1. before we had kids I had a whole room to keep all my craft stuff in and it went wild, but then I had to give it up and condense it to half a closet when the baby came along. I decided I'd finish all the unfinished projects I had and see what could go after that. I ended up being able to give away a lot of stuff. I set some rules for myself after that: 1) don't start a project if I'm already in the middle of one, 2) find things to do with what I already have instead of buying new supplies, 3) don't buy it if it's not on sale/don't have a coupon. once in a while I have to get something new in order to use up something else I have, but I'm not overflowing with leftovers like I was before.