Sunday, May 27, 2012

Making Money from Craft Challenge.

A little while ago I found a really cool Australia Blog called I have been really inspired by some of her challenges, and have decided to make my own challenge and crafting for cash perhaps just for the month of June or perhaps longer.

Rules I am putting on myself:
  • To start from only using items from my stash or by selling unwanted items to buy supplies.
  • To account for all costs on purchases, listing fees, selling fees, commissions etc. Stash will not count as a cost for the purpose of this challenge as I have not had to buy it within the challenge period.

Here are my goals.
  • To make my first non-food craft sale for the challenge period.
  • To make $100 in a week.
  • To make $200 in a week (not including the $100 week challenge)
  • To make $400 in the month of June.

How I’m going to reach my goals.

  • Its probably very important for me to note that I am a trained Baker and currently hold both NSW and ACT food business registrations and all the relevant licenses, insurance and certification to sell baked goods from my home kitchen. I do plan on selling baked goods as a part of this challenge, and I know it might seem a little unfair that I’m counting this towards my challenge but I look at it in the light that it is a craft that I do at home and my licenses, insurance and the most important (and required) certifications probably cost the same as an embroidery sewing machine or knitting machine.

  • I’m also going to be using traditional crafts like Crochet, Papercraft’s, Sewing (if I can figure out my machine) and Knitting - pretty much any craft I could do to make some money.

So thats my plan. You can join my challenge if you like, changing your own rules to suit you and your craft. But if you are going to try it out with me, take it on with a knowledge that you have set down some goals you know you are going to be able to reach and then set down some higher goals that are going to stretch you. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t reach your goals, take it all in as a learning experience and enjoy the ride :)

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