Friday, June 15, 2012

The Desperate housewive's quilt - Nilmerg

The Desperate housewive's quilt - Nilmerg

My contribution: the 'Button Bug'

I was invited by quiltjane to design an 8" block to be part of her desperate housewive's quilt. You can read all about her project to collect 100 blocks, 50 designed by herself and 50 from guest bloggers.

My block, which I have called 'button bug', was based on a design by the Handiwerx blog It combines my favourite insect and my favourite crafting supply - buttons!

Since this block isn't quite 8" square, I had to adapt the pattern a little by adding extra width and height on the background.

Once that was done, I got onto the fabric choices. I decided on a cute button fabric and a blue leaf fabric for the background.
I cut apart my paper pattern and cut the fabric to size:
Once I started sewing, it came together really quickly:

Then all that was left to do was to add the detail, legs and antenna and my button bug was all finished. I decided to use my new darning foot to add these details. It is a really fun new way to use my sewing machine.

And the finished 'Button bug' block:

I'd highly recommend this Handiworks block for a really easy and quick to put together paper pieced block. Thank you so much Jane for allowing me to be part of your project. I'd love to see what you do with all these blocks once it's complete.

Elaine Morgan 15/06/12


  1. Oh Elaine it is cute. Glad to see you have been paper piecing. I have finished a playmat with all pp houses etc.