Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Love Birds

These simple to sew Christmas birds add a traditional touch to any Christmas decorating; they also make a great gift for newlyweds celebrating their first Christmas together, or why not make some smaller birds as well for couples with a new baby. But don’t just limit these birdies to Christmas! Whip them up in some fun fabrics for sweet little decorations all year round! ~Caitlan

You will need:
·         1 fat flat in your choice of fabric
·         Matching Thread
·         Doll needle (this is basically a very long sewing needle)
·         Four large, two hole, buttons
·         Matching or complementary DMC thread
·         Four black beads suitable for eyes
·         An outline of a bird with a wing, a Google search for “simple bird outline” will bring up heaps of outlines (remember to respect copyright) or simply draw your own. Your bird should have a little wing.

·         Ribbon
·         Stuffing: polyfibre fill, fabric scraps, whatever you can get your hands on.

1.       Cut out four bird shapes and 8 wing shapes, allowing a seam allowance. The easiest way to do this is to pin your fabric, right sides together and trace 2 birds and 4 wings, cutting them out through both layers of the fabric.

2.       Make a loop out of your ribbon and pin it between two bird shapes, making sure the fabric is right sides together and that the loose ends of the loop are sticking out. Stitch around bird, leaving a small opening in the base to stuff. Don’t forget to clip the curves!

3.       Right sides together, stitch each of the wings together. Leave a small gap to stuff. Don’t forget to cut the curves!
4.       Turn pieces right side out and stuff. Use a ladder stitch to close the holes.

5.       Take the wings and work out where you want to attach them, you might like to make a little mark on each side to help you get them straight.

6.       With your doll needle push one piece of long DMC thread through your first button hole, the wing, the birds’ body, out through the second wing and through the button on the other side. Repeat this through the second button whole with another piece of DMC thread. Knot the thread as tightly as possible and tie a bow, trim the thread.

7.       Stitch on the birds eyes.

8.       Your bird is now ready to hang!

Variations: Personalise your gift by embroidering a monogram or date on the bird! Decorate your bird with embroidery, beading or other embellishments. Use a different fabric for the wings that contrasts with the body.
A note on the gift wrap: This nest is made out of wood shavings, made with a plain from another project. Just put the shavings in a box and nestle your birds inside. You could put some cute little objects through the shavings to make your nest like a bower birds!