Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas from all at Hand Made-n's

Have you aimed for a handmade Christmas? Are you still crafting for Christmas? Did you finish it all yet? Or will you still be crafting when Santa arrives tonight?!
So with Christmas just around the corner, I feel the pressure building. While I love giving handmade gifts for Christmas, I'm just not finished!!!!! I managed to get all the gifts done for others, but the applique t-shirts for my daughters are still only half done (although I'm very happy with how they are turning out) and I've only made one of the 3 fabric world globes that I need to, I'm wondering if I will get finished in time. And then there is the skirt that is half done that I had intended to wear tomorrow, but I think that may remain unfinished until another day! And to top it all off, I've run out of wrapping paper, so the kids and I are off to brave the shops and try to pick up some more! My unfinished projects:
On the other hand, projects that I have completed are:
- Roll up chalk mat for DD2
- Applique caterpiller t-shirt for Friend's daughter
- Applique flower t-shirt for another friends daughter
- Superman Applique t-shirt for SIL
- 3 commissioned I-spy bags (and a 4th one for a birthday!)
- 2 x 18" cushion covers for my Mum & Dad
- A 16" cushion cover for each of the in-laws
- one 18" fabric globe (I'm really hoping to get the other 2 finished today!)
- a chalkcoard scrap t-shirt for DD1 and DD2
- a Dino stuffy for nephew
- Bags of reindeer noses for various friends
- Oreo truffles and oreo cupcakes (still to be packaged and delivered today!)
So all in all, while I'm feeling very overwhelmed with what I still have to do, writing this list has really helped me see what I have achieved. So if you are a bit overwhelmed with christmas, as well as writing the 'to do' list, maybe you should write a 'done' list too, it might make you feel a bit better too!
Have a good one, Nilmerg / Elaine

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