Saturday, November 5, 2011

Foody Friday - 'Easy Chocolate Fudge'

Welcome to Hand Made-n's first Foody Friday!

Hi, Nilmerg here :) Welcome to our first Foody Friday. Hand Made-n's, it isn't all about the fabric, sewing, paper scrapbooking and other such crafts, we also embrace the craft that is cooking. In this section of the blog we hope to take turns to share with you a recipe that is a favourite of ours, a family heirloom, something to use for a posh dinner, something simple for the kids lunch, something sweet, something savoury, something fancy, something for every day. I really hope that you will try out some of our recipes and let us know how you go.

So todays Foody Friday feature is.....
'Easy Chocolate Fudge'

Ok, you are so not going to believe me when I tell you that you can make this out of ingredients you may have in your pantry, there are only 3 ingredients, it only takes 5 minutes to make and you do it in the microwave!!!! I love this recipe for its simplicity, it is a great go to for a sweet treat for a dinner party (much more personal than a box of chocolates), or for a Christmas or birthday present or even as a last minute school fate contribution. And even better than all that, it tastes AMAZING! (oh and I grew that strawberry in my own garden!)

395g can Condensed milk
500g Dark Chocolate
A few drops of Vanilla Essence

1. Line a slice tin with grease proof paper. The tin should be no smaller than 18x28 cms. Use a larger tin if you want thinner pieces of fudge.
2. Grab a large microwave safe bowl and throw in the chocolate (break up into smaller bits if necessary) and pour in the whole can of Condensed milk. Mix together.
3. Put bowl in microwave and cook for 60 seconds on low power, stir.
4. Microwave on low power for another 30 seconds, stir....repeat until chocolate has all melted.
5. Pour into pre-prepared tin. Refrigerate for 30 minutes or longer if possible.
6. Slice and serve / package / eat!

I hope you are inspired to have a go at this easy peasy recipe! I used Nestle dark chocolate melts and nestle condensed milk and it made a yummy fudge, but I suspect that if you used something more decedant for the chocolate you may get an even scrummier fudge!!!! Equally, if you used more inexpensive ingredients, you could still get a very yummy fudge, but it may not be quite so indulgent, but more cost effective. If you don't have a tin of the rightish size, you could use a plastic box with a flat base as you are refrigerating it, not baking it, just make sure your fudge isn't too hot when you pour it into the box, but mine didn't get that hot anyway.


Nilmerg x

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