Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Introduction to Hand Made-n's

Hand Made-n's.
We create. Every second of every day we are running ideas through our minds, sketching down the beginnings of a project, writing a supply list, dreaming of our current project, dreaming of our next project and envisioning the project after that. We sew, we knit and we crochet, we mould, shape and throw, we stamp, we cut out and we glue, we bake, we thread and we draw.

We are mothers, daughters and sisters. We study, we work and we raise children. We live near the ocean, in the mountains and in the tropics. We live in the country and the city. We find the beauty in everything around us, and always see the potential to add more beauty. We are every woman and we are all women. We are proudly individual and closely united by our shared love of all things craft.

Welcome to our new blog... Hand Made-n's.
Hand Made-n's is a crafty collaboration of Australian ladies, come together to share our knowledge and our passion for all things handmade. Together we cover all the areas of craft and creating and every week of every month we'll be sharing these crafts with you. Join us as we explore new crafts and share our favourite craft blogs, books and podcasts.

Follow along with our tutorials and share the pictures of the beautiful things you make! Keep an eye out for give-aways, interviews with up and coming creative’s and creative types that are already living the dream! Keep up to date on Australia's craft expos and shows and learn about crafts from other cultures. We'll be doing feature pieces on crafty celebrations in Aussie towns and cities and share with you some of our favourite craft stores and craft getaways.

Craft along with us as we embark on crazy and fun projects and help us craft for some really deserving causes. We'll be crafting for major holidays, seasons and crafts for every day. We can't wait to share all our crafty adventures with you! Happy reading and happy crafting!

From everyone at Hand Made-n's.

The original image of this pretty maiden can be found here

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