Sunday, November 13, 2011

Craft A Long Challenge

Hi Guys,

Nat from Crafted here, back again with another craft-a-long.

This craft-a-long is going to be more like a craft challenge, the end product from all our projects will more than likely be completely different. The idea of this challenge is to take the same theme and limitations and go craft crazy, lol.

When you finish your project be sure to post a photo on our facebook page (Here) or by emailing me at

At the end of the week I will put together a gallery of all the projects that have been submitted so we can see how different we have all approached this challenge. So here is the first craft-a-long challenge:

Challenge: Craft something for the upcoming Festive Season,

Limitations: Spend no more than $5 on supplies. You may use items from your crafty stash but try not to spend more than $5.

When you post to facebook or email your finished project, be sure to include a note about how much you spent outside your crafty stash.

Go forth and create J

Feel free to chat to us via the comments below J

(Above is a Yo Yo Christmas Tree Decoration that I made last year, all but the yellow star button and the tan FQ are from my stash. Cost 50c for the Button and $3.95 for the FQ)

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  1. I'm excited for this Nat :) I will have a think about what I will make and then leave another comment xo