Sunday, November 6, 2011

One Yard (Metre) Wonders:- 101 Sewing Projects - REVIEW

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Today I am going to introduce to you one of the very first sewing books I ever purchased. I had not been sewing for very long and needed a book that covered a range of simple projects. The book I came back to repeatedly was One Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Projects – this is also available as One Metre Wonders, for those who are more familiar with the metric system. Although I don’t work in Imperial, I have an excellent measuring tape with both Imperial and metric so it is easy for me to convert it.

This book has excellent step-by-step instructions and most of the patterns could easily be altered if the pattern doesn’t suit you. There are also fabulously coloured pictures through out. I also loved the fact that each project only requires one yard of material – this means that I can afford to buy the slightly more expensive material because I know I won’t need much of it.
My favourite project that I have made so far has been the Summer Nightie singlet top found in Chapter 6: From Head to Toe. For this particular project however, I adjusted it by purchasing patterned fabric and changing the singlet part into a halter neck version. I wore the result to my partner’s 30th birthday and got some excellent reviews on the night.

Apart from projects that range from women’s wear, children’s wear, craft organization, home crafts, pet crafts, bags, toys and accessories the book also discusses Appliqué, how to prep your material and what tools you should have before starting, facts about fabrics and instructions on the best way to cut different fabrics, making & using patterns, troubleshooting your sewing machine, different types of stitches, seam techniques, and a useful glossary. All of these are useful for a novice sewer starting out, as it describes all the basic sewing fundamentals in an easy-to-understand manner. However the book is also useful for those who have more advanced skills as the range of patterns are inspiring and can be easily altered to suit your needs.

Thank you for reading my review, I hope you find the book as useful as I have.

Happy crafting,

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