Thursday, November 10, 2011

How To Clean Your Sewing Machine

How To Clean Your Sewing Machine

Cleaning your sewing machine is something that should be done regularly.

As in once a week (not once in the 4 years you have owned the machine...)

So you'll need a couple of tools, I use a microfibre cloth, a soft paint brush and a screwdriver.

First turn your machine off.
(It's also a good idea to turn the power off at the wall too)

Make sure you have removed your thread & bobbin.
Then you need to remove your needle & presser foot.

Once you've done this, wipe over your entire machine with the microfibre cloth. This will pick up all the dust & threads fragments laying on your machine.

Remove the bobbin cover. Give it a brush and a wipe down.

Now you'll need to remove the plate from your machine using the screwdriver.

Give the inside a good brush to get rid of all those dust bunnies.

Remove the part the bobbin sits in, this should lift straight out.
Now clean out under there with the brush. If you can, give everything a wipe with the cloth again.

Now you can put your machine back together again.

Newer machines wont need oiling, they get oiled at the once yearly service they are supposed to have. However, if you own an overlocker, they need to be cleaned and oiled regularly.

Make sure you refer to your user manual when pulling apart, and cleaning you machine.
If you have lost your manual you can google the model number and most manuals will come up.
Otherwise call the company your machine came from, most will be happy to email you a pdf file.



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  1. Thanks Sally, you inspired me to clean my machies - it was so full of fluff! Sounds much better now though.