Saturday, November 12, 2011

Web site review - Craftster

So you might be wondering how this crafty group of Made-n’s met. Well it’s mostly down to a little website called Craftster
Here is what Craftster have to say about themselves (why rewrite when they put it so beautifully!):

“Craftster is an online community where people share hip, off-beat, crafty diy (do it yourself) projects. The term "Craftster" means "crafty hipster" and is also meant to be an homage to the pioneer peer-to-peer sites Napster and Friendster. Craftster was started in August 2003 and has since grown to a readership of over 1,000,000 readers per month. It has been written up in numerous publications including Time Magazine, the New York Times and the London Guardian. Craftster is the largest online community for what is now commonly known as "indie crafts." ("Indie" stands for independent as in indie music, indie art, indie film, etc.) Craftster is regarded by many as one of the cornerstones of the recent renaissance in crafting known as the "indie craft movement."
In December 2009, Craftster was acquired by
Internet Brands. Internet Brands is a leading Internet media company that operates community and e-commerce websites.”From

So while interacting with all the thousands of readers and users that frequent the craftster site, we stumbled upon each other, mostly through the swapping element of the site (we will explain more about that in future posts).

Have you ever wanted someone to say how good your project is, or make suggestions as to how you could fix, improve or how to proceed with a project? Receive comments from people who know how hard you have worked on the item and appreciate not just the finished product, but the work that has gone into it. Do you need inspiration for a craft project, an idea for a present for a friend, for a new baby or for a wedding? Do you just want to see what people are making out there? Do you want to meet likeminded crafters and connect with people from all around the world? Do you want to make and recieve crafts from and for people from all walks of life? If you haven’t already visited the Craftster webpage then it is something that you REALLY should do. And stick around here too as we inspire and amuse you with crafting from our perspective too.

Regards Nilmerg

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