Wednesday, November 2, 2011

:: Hello from Melbourne!

Hi there! My name’s Lauren and I’m from Melbourne Australia. I live with my husband Brad and my cat, Maxie. I am a Primary School Teacher and I am also studying Graphic Design part time, I have quite a full plate.

Brad and I at my birthday/farewell party this year

I am an eclectic crafter, I love trying new crafts (and buying new craft supplies ^_^) My earliest memories of crafting would be learning to cross stitch with my Grandma. I still have the strands of embroidery thread and pattern in my stash J Nowadays I mostly sew and make tiny artworks, known as Inchies or ATC’s. My sewing machine and watercolours are my most treasured craft supplies! I would love to spend more time doing embroidery and developing my quilting and crochet skills.

I lived in Japan alone for 5 months this year, teaching English to children. It was quite an adventure! I had such a fantastic time, even more so when Brad came to visit :) I love the people, culture and country that is Japan so much, I can't wait to go back again....especially to all of the craft stores!

I have just started my online craft and design store, LBDesigns and I am slowly adding to the items for sale. I also have a Facebook page and I would love it if you stopped by and ‘liked’ my page J

I also have my own craft blog (in its' infant stage) where I will be posting all the things I have crafted, Little Monkey Tree, if you wanted to check it out :)

I am really excited about the launch of our collaborative blog and I am proud to be a part of the Hand Made-n team.

Just for fun...
Vegemite or Peanut Butter: Vegemite
Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring: Spring
Cats or Dogs: Cats
Pen or Pencil: Pencil
If I were a doll, the accessories would be: Cute Handbag, Glasses, Mobile Phone, Journal, Coloured Felt Pens & an Asthma Pump, LOL ^_^
I know how to cook: Really yummy soups!
Scary Movies or Happy Endings: Happy Endings!


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