Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas Ornaments on a Budget Part One

Ever wanted to buy the beautiful sparkly baubles sold at exorbitant prices in shops but can’t justify the cost? I have a solution for you – create your own stunning decorations for mere dollars following my simple tutorial.

Material list:
Foam shapes including balls, Christmas trees, wreathes etc – these can be found at most crafting stores
Sequins, beads, thin tinsel, glitter or acrylic paint, tissue paper, foil, drawing pins – let your imagination run wild here and use whatever inspires you

Beading pins – these are also found in crafting stores
Glue if required

Decide what sort of design you want – this can be done either mentally or by doing a quick paper sketch. If you choose to do the sequins and beads, as shown in the photo, find the “seam” on your foam item and use this as a starting guide line to follow – this will help you to keep your sequins going in a straight line.
You can choose to place the pins directly through the sequins (as shown in the purple and gold bauble) or use a small bead and then a sequin (as shown on the two left baubles) – both result in a gorgeous unique look. If any of the pins feel loose, use glue as you see fit to secure the sequins in place.

If you would like to use paint, you can create a design or just paint randomly – you can also use sequins over the top, placing them in such a way that bits of 
the paint shows through, or roll the item in glitter. If available, using glitter paint would also be another beautiful option.
To use the foil, you can either cover the foam items in one or two pieces of foil (I would recommend the wreath or tree shapes for this) or rip the foil up into small pieces and glue it on.  Any shape could be used for decoupage and is also an excellent activity for the kids.

Depending on the foil type chosen, you could do it in a decoupage style provided the glue leaves a shiny finish, some glues may dry in such a way that it results in a matte effect. Decoupage, traditionally used with tissue paper, entails using one part water and one part PVA glue mixed, painting a little of the foam pieces at a time and sticking on small ripped pieces of foil or paper. The ripped edges allow the pieces to blend seamlessly together. If you choose to use paper, I recommend painting the glue over the top of the paper as well as underneath, this strengthens the paper layers and will give a shiny sheen to the item as well.
I hope you’ve enjoyed my post and I’m interested to see anything anyone makes that has been inspired by this post. Stay tuned for my post on Wednesday 30/11 where I will be exploring the various uses of pine cones, candles and paper crafts as Christmas ornaments and centerpieces.
Happy crafting,


  1. Great idea Steff! Might have to get into the spirit with some crafty decorations with the kids!

  2. Thanks Caz - keep an eye out for my next post on Christmas centre pieces coming soon!