Monday, November 21, 2011

Paper Filigree Christmas Baubles

You Will Need:
·         Scissors      ·         Quilling paper (This will usually contain a set of basic quilling instructions)
·         PVA glue
·         Quilling tools (two pronged one for beginners, needle for advanced, there are kits available at most craft stores that contain everything you need + basic instructions.)
·         Christmas bauble
·         Ribbon

1.       Cut five equal strips of coloured paper, 9cm long, this will make one flower, if you wish to make more than one flower cut an additional five strips for each flower.

2.       Wrap one piece of paper at a time around your quilling tool, wrapping each one with the same amount of tightness so that the petals are a similar size. Slip each slip off the tool and allow it to gently unravel itself.

3.       Glue the loose ends so that each piece of paper forms a circle.
4.       Gently pinch one end of each circle, forming a tear drop shape.

5.       Glue the pinched ends of each tear drop together, forming a five petal flower. Repeat these steps to make as many flowers as required. Allow to dry

6.       Using a 6cm strip of green paper repeat steps 2 to 3.
7.       Pinch opposite ends of the circle, forming a leaf shape.

8.       Place a thin strip of PVA glue on each flower petal and leaf.

9.       Gently press onto bauble and allow to dry.

10.   Attach a ribbon to hang the bauble.
A search for “quilling patterns” will bring up hundreds of amazing, free, quilling patterns that you can use to decorate your baubles!

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